About Lucio Saverio Eastman

Lucio Saverio-Eastman

Brownstone Institute
Co-Founder / Design Technology & Creative Director / Author

Shyfrog Media, LLC

Lucio has a long history in the online and web design and development industry that began in 1994 at Utah Valley University. This led quickly to positions at Novell, Ameritrade, Move Networks, YPI (Yankee Magazine and Old Farmer’s Almanac), American Institute for Economic Research, and currently as co-founder of Brownstone Institute. Also, since he moved into the non-profit world and gained experience as an interim Editorial Director, Lucio is now published at AIER, Brownstone Institute, and Epoch Times.

In October, 2020, Lucio was tasked with building the site and social media properties for the Great Barrington Declaration over a 24 hour window. A site that quickly became a central sticking point for the lockdown and mandate “authorities” and narratives.

Lucio is an early adopter, global thinker, and proven entrepreneur with innate intrinsic motivation. He explores the latest technologies, ideas, training, social/professional pursuits, and opportunities to drive an ongoing passion for online and digital media.

He revisits his education and skill-set often to refresh and re-adjust his paths and direction. Lucio focuses on online communication and recognizes the potential for remote, worldwide, social, and entrepreneurial connection. He is a lifelong learner and writes often about education, individualism, travel, and music.

Lucio Saverio-Eastman

Additionally, Lou Eastman is a musician and songwriter with 46+ years experience. He plays guitar, records, engineers, and produces music. He also loves to travel, especially to central and eastern Europe. His favorite places so far are Estonia, Romania, Czechia, and Armenia.