Great Barrington Declaration: My Role in the Fight Against Mandates and Lockdowns

By Lucio Saverio Eastman

From AIER to the Great Barrington Declaration to Brownstone Institute: What was my role in the fight against mandates, lockdowns, and government overreach? To expose the partnerships between Big Pharma and Big Government along with Big Academia, Big Media, and Big Business working together against a small group of researchers, scientists, economists, and others.

If those connections aren’t making people feel uncomfortable, then perhaps there is no convincing them otherwise.

For the record, the Great Barrington Declaration site is paid for out of my own pocket and maintained in my free time, even now. All of the rantings and ravings about Koch funding still make me laugh. At one point, there was an article written by a 9/11 conspiracy theorist stating that the declaration and site was written and built by operatives or contractors from the UK’s Ministry of Defense. The entertainment value has been priceless, but also concerning. I have no doubt that these “investigative journalists” will find a way to connect dots regardless. That is what they do, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Originally published at Brownstone Institute. Read the entire article here.