Who Funds Brownstone Institute?: Uncover & Support The Truth Today!

By Lucio Saverio Eastman

Question: Where does Brownstone Institute get its funding?
Answer: From grass-roots, liberty-minded, freedom-loving people like you.

I’d like to invite all grass-roots, liberty-minded, freedom-loving people to read an article or two from Brownstone Institute. That is my challenge to you. Pick any article, and if it sounds a bell of alignment with your values, please consider donating to Brownstone Institute as a show of your support for what we do.

If you’ve been paying attention since late 2019, you know that things have changed. While there is still hope, progress, and positive ideas being shared throughout society, one can sense the growing despair of those whose lives have been upended by the crisis we all experienced.

There is evidence revealed daily of censorial, authoritarian, bureaucratic, and totalitarian systems threatening the ideals of the Enlightenment: Freedom of speech, association, travel, information, and more are beset by governments, organizations, special interest, and global controls.

The people who have been put in charge of the machinery of society, in its many and myriad forms, may or may not have the best interests of individuals in mind. That said, it is evident that a portion of them will take advantage of any crisis that arises in order to further an agenda.

The events of 2020-2023 have shown us what they are capable of accomplishing. They can lock you down, shut down your business, segregate you, deny your right to travel, and basically strip you of your humanity.

If you have also experienced this change in direction since 2019, please take the time to read from a very large body of work that is contributed from a pool of individuals with widely varying political, social, and personal beliefs. The core of the vision is:

a society that places the highest value on the voluntary interaction of individuals and groups while minimizing the use of violence and force including that which is exercised by public or private authorities. This vision is that of the Enlightenment which elevated learning, science, progress, and universal rights to the forefront of public life. It is constantly threatened by ideologies and systems that would take the world back to before the triumph of the ideal of freedom.

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Please join us in this worthy project to reclaim these important values in all areas of social and economic life. Brownstone publishes new articles daily and has published 8 books on subjects ranging from lockdowns, public health, philosophy, government, and politics to technology, censorship, education, media, and much more.

If you’re curious and want to see more transparency, you can browse Brownstone Institute’s GuideStar financial information here: Brownstone Institute

Remember, it’s not just about this one crisis but past and future ones as well. This lesson concerns the desperate need for a new outlook that rejects the power of the legally privileged few to rule over the many under any pretext. They will try again. And this time, they have all the data they need from this past crisis to ensure their continued and absolute power. It’s time to stand up and push back. Donate today!

Thank you,

Lucio Saverio-Eastman
Co-founder, Author, Director
Brownstone Institute